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*Consentement au traitement des Données personnelles 196/03

INFORMATION ACCORDING TO ARTICLE 13 Decree 196/2003 The following information describes how personal data is to be recorded when requested by the web. This page contains the information given according to art. 13 of Decree 196/2003 – Code on the subject of personal data protection - to people who interact with WEB services. Simple interaction with this site and registration on it may imply the registration, use, cancellation and more generically, the process of personal data relating to identified or identifiable users.

The person entitled for data process is Mr. Andrea Poggi

The “provision” of personal data we regard to be collection, recording, storage, amendment, communication, cancellation and expansion of personal data. The computer system (including any software) procedures handling this website retain, during routine functions, some personal data whose retention is implicit when using Internet communication protocol. The users’ own equipment is interrogated when access to the site is made, providing information and data about the user. Registration on the site – optional and voluntary – and also the likewise optional and voluntary sending of e-mails to the addresses given on this site, imply the acquisition of personal data of the registered user such as, for example, the e-mail address. The user is obviously free to choose whether to supply his own personal data, writing them into the registration forms. The missed data bestowal or the refusal to give the consent to their process may involve the impossibility of obtaining the registration and, therefore, the service required by the user.

all site users: Data from the web will be collated for the provision of anonymous statistical information about site performance. This information will be used to ensure control of the web site and monitor all actions performed by users, authorised personnel and third parties. Together with the objectives of data processing registered user data from the site will be processed in order to:
1) Offer interactive services on the web site.
2) Monitor business relations in a pro-active manner.
3) Focus marketing activities through business intelligence feedback.

DATA COMMUNICATION AND DISSEMINATION The personal data of users "registered" may be communicated to third parties that supply goods/services available from the site, and parties concerned with data analysis for statistical purposes, but within the limits of the above mentioned processing aims. Such communication may be sent either to persons located on national territory or to persons located abroad. Data may be communicated to third parties entrusted with site maintenance by persons’ entitled for data processing and/or under supervision, but will not be divulged to others. No personal data collected by the WEB service will be spread.

Personal data is processed by automated software. Precautionary measures are in place to prevent losses of data, unlawful or incorrect use and unauthorised access, as provided for in law. Personal data collected and processed by WEB services on this site is handled by staff authorised or responsible for data process. In extra-ordinary circumstances personnel entitled for data process may require external personnel to make system upkeep operations.

Cookies are stored on user's equipment and allow the collection of personal data for user identification. The use of Cookies is limited to the transmission of individual session’s for identifications necessary for safe and efficient navigation of the site.

According to article 7 of Privacy Code, persons to which personal data refer have the right, at any time, by request in writing, to obtain confirmation about the existence of such data and to know their content and their origin, and the processing purposes and procedures. In addition to the above, they have the right be informed about the data of the person entitled (or responsible) for data process, to know who are the persons or the categories which the data may be communicated to, to check the accuracy of data and, if necessary, to ask for their completion, updating or amendment, their cancellation or their transformation under anonymous form or the blocking of data processed in law violation. They may require the confirmation that above operations have been made known – also as far as their content is concerned – to parties which the data have been communicated or spread to. Persons which have data relating to them can object (for valid reasons) to the whole or partial processing of their data, as well as to the use of this data in business research, marketing activities, business intelligence and anonymous statistic analysis.

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